Old The Front Page: Extended Edition

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2000 years of Scotland’s headlines – extended by popular demand

• Scottish history like you’ve never seen it before – the way a tabloid newspaper might have covered it
• Foreword by novelist Robert Low, author of the Oathsworn and Kingdom series
• As seen in national press and discussed on BBC Radio

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Old The Front Page presents some  of the biggest events in the nation’s timeline presented as they would have been covered if a paper like the Scottish Scribe had been published from Roman times right up to the modern era.

If the Scribe had really existed how would it have reported the rise of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the end of the Jacobite dream at Culloden? The death of William Wallace and Bruce’s victory at Bannockburn? Rabbie Burns, Saint Columba and the Loch Ness Monster, the Massacre of Glencoe, Mary Queen of Scots… Greyfriars Bobby?

This book answers these questions like only a talented, experienced newspaper journalist can. Using the combined languages of text, layout and images Martin Kielty presents a series of front pages so realistic you’ll believe the Scribe really was on sale centuries before the western world developed the printing press.

It’s unashamed historical fiction – but it’s inspiring, thought-provoking, and will have you considering the history of Scotland from a viewpoint you’ll almost certainly never have considered before.

Each front page is accompanied with a brief historical note explaining the context, and perhaps some of the journalist’s thinking, behind each edition of the Scottish Scribe.

In chronological order the book covers: The Roman invasion; Antonine Wall abandoned; Suspicious death of a Roman consul; Family die in crannog blaze; End of the gladiators; St Ninian’s battle with druids; St Patrick’s escape from slavery; Taming of the Loch Ness Monster; Creation of the innocence laws of war; Introduction of sugar Destruction of the Manau tribe; Saltire adopted after victory in battle; Worst-ever Viking raid; Britons’ exodus from Strathclyde to Wales; Theft of the Hunterston Brooch; Early placing of Scots borders; Death of a feared woman warrior general; Siege of King Constantine; Accidental invention of Arbroath smokies; William the Conqueror’s promise to Scots; Establishment of Anglo-Scots border; Edward Longshanks’ call for trust; Fall of Acre in the Crusades; William Wallace hung, drawn and quartered; Bruce’s victory at Bannockburn; The Declaration of Arbroath; Black Douglas’ final battle; Wolf of Badenoch burns down Elgin Cathedral; Scots north-south divide first noted; Football and golf banned by James II; Treaty of Perpetual Peace; Hanging of Johnnie Gilnockie and 36 Armstrongs; Battle of the Shirts: 1000 men fight, 12 survive; James V vows to placate the Highlands; Melrose Abbey pleads for help; Thomas Cranmer burned at the stake; Mary, Queen of Scots abdicates; Royal High School shooting; Public terror as calendar is changed; Napier accused of witchcraft; James VI promises visit to Scotland; James VI tells Scots to be more English; Great Fire of Glasgow; Massacre of Glencoe; Taxis arrive in Glasgow; Mythical Mount Etna eruption; Darien fleet seeks nation’s fortune; Scot invents steam engine; Captain Kidd hanged; Exiled King’s advice to son; Union of Parliaments; Alexander Selkirk rescued from desert island; Rob Roy outlawed; John Bull becomes UK mascot; Duke of Hamilton killed in duel; Introduction of the Riot Act; Bonnie Prince Charlie claims throne; Battle of Culloden; Allan Breck and the Appin Murder; Jacobite treasure hunt on Loch Arkaig; Robert Burns’ sleaze scandal; First Fleet sails for Australia; Highland Clearances mastermind Patrick Sellar; Scott finds the Honours of Scotland; Bodysnatchers Burke and Hare; Death of Greyfriars Bobby; Phantom Piper of Duntrune; Tay Bridge Disaster.

Foreword by Robert Low – acclaimed author of the Oathsworn and Kingdom series of historical fiction novels

Old the Front Page
by Martin Kielty

Foreword by Robert Low
Published by Noisewave
Paperback, 108pp, colour cover
RRP £10.00
ISBN 978-1-4478-9315-8

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