Big Noise from a Wee Country

Short sharp stories from the first 50 years of Scottish rock’n'roll history


Warning: This may not be the book you think it is…

People get bored by history books full of kings and battles. And it’s the same for rock’n’roll history books full of nothing more than stars and hits.

Yes, you’ll find plenty of names you know in this lightning-fast rollercoaster ride down Memory Lane. Members of Del Amitri, Nazareth, the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, the Bay City Rollers, Primal Scream, the Beatstalkers, the Soup Dragons, the Vaselines, the Clyde Valley Stompers and Gene Vincent’s band are amongst the speakers.

But you’ll also meet people – REAL people – who made less well-known but still important contributions to the Scottish rock and pop scene over its first 50 years.

Big Noise From a Wee Country is packed with dozens of first-hand accounts of just some of the moments which shaped our nation’s recent musical history. From dreams to disasters it’s a quick-start guide to who
did what and when.

It’s a series of short sharp stories from people who became stars, people who made stars and people who followed stars. Accounts kick off in 1956 and journey through the early years, the dance crazes, the heavy rock revolution, Scotland’s 1970s glory days, punk, new wave, the 1980s pop heroes and much more.

The music industry isn’t all fame and fortune – and neither is this book. The bad times are celebrated as much as the good times, because that’s how it really happened.

Scotland has been there, done that, and in this book tells you what it was like.


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Date: 8 December 2011
RRP: £9.00
Extent: 80pp, colour cover
ISBN: 978-1-4709-7257-8
Noisewave Publications


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