Big Noise


“Expect action and adventure, an incomplete cast list and a large number of dubious jokes – but expect to enjoy the ride. Have a laugh, have a grouch and enjoy the barstool reminiscences and some top-rate shaggy dog stories.” Books from Scotland

“Informative but easy-going.” Daily Record

Celebrating 50 years of rock’n'roll history north of the border…

When Scotland falls for something, it falls for it big – and Scotland fell for rock ’n’ roll at a very early stage. From the immediate post-war period to the new century, the nation has generated more rock stars per head than anywhere else in the world. Big Noise looks at the sound of Scotland and discovers its background through the stories and memories of those who made it.

Using a blend of exclusive interviews and unpublished photos, Martin Kielty presents a character-led portrait of the fans, bands and businessmen who were there. The narrative moves from the early days of skiffle and ballrooms, through the global success stories of the 70s and 80s, to the pop giants of today, sharing many personal moments behind hundreds of hits and misses.

Big Noise is a fast-paced read, dripping with humour, passion and drama. Delivered in Martin Kielty’s trademark style, it provides maximum content and entertainment for casual and committed readers alike. His involvement in the music industry and experience as a journalist means he’s well placed to tell the story with insight, understanding and wit.


Price: £9.00
Originally published by Black & White. 192 mono pages with illustrations throughout, paperback.

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