25% more entertainment … Over 70 historical topics featured … Also available in Waterstones across Scotland


The first pressing of Old the Front Page has sold out in record time – and by popular demand a new Extended Edition is now on sale, online and in branches of Waterstones across Scotland.

Martin Kielty’s entertaining and thought-provoking title has captured the imagination of Scots history fans all over the world, and it’s been very well-received by readers and reviewers alike.

The book takes a look at how a fictional tabloid newspaper, the Scottish Scribe, might have presented some of the biggest stories in the nation’s history to an avid readership – if the right technology had been available since Roman times.

The Extended Edition, including a foreword by acclaimed historical fiction author Robert Low (creator of the Oathsworn and Kingdom books) features 25% more front pages and can be distinguished from the first pressing by its yellow strapline.

In chronological order the book covers: The Roman invasion; Antonine Wall abandoned; Suspicious death of a Roman consul; Family die in crannog blaze; End of the gladiators; St Ninian’s battle with druids; St Patrick’s escape from slavery; Taming of the Loch Ness Monster; Creation of the innocence laws of war; Introduction of sugar Destruction of the Manau tribe; Saltire adopted after victory in battle; Worst-ever Viking raid; Britons’ exodus from Strathclyde to Wales; Theft of the Hunterston Brooch; Early placing of Scots borders; Death of a feared woman warrior general; Siege of King Constantine; Accidental invention of Arbroath smokies; William the Conqueror’s promise to Scots; Establishment of Anglo-Scots border; Edward Longshanks’ call for trust; Fall of Acre in the Crusades; William Wallace hung, drawn and quartered; Bruce’s victory at Bannockburn; The Declaration of Arbroath; Black Douglas’ final battle; Wolf of Badenoch burns down Elgin Cathedral; Scots north-south divide first noted; Football and golf banned by James II; Treaty of Perpetual Peace; Hanging of Johnnie Gilnockie and 36 Armstrongs; Battle of the Shirts: 1000 men fight, 12 survive; James V vows to placate the Highlands; Melrose Abbey pleads for help; Thomas Cranmer burned at the stake; Mary, Queen of Scots abdicates; Royal High School shooting; Public terror as calendar is changed; Napier accused of witchcraft; James VI promises visit to Scotland; James VI tells Scots to be more English; Great Fire of Glasgow; Massacre of Glencoe; Taxis arrive in Glasgow; Mythical Mount Etna eruption; Darien fleet seeks nation’s fortune; Scot invents steam engine; Captain Kidd hanged; Exiled King’s advice to son; Union of Parliaments; Alexander Selkirk rescued from desert island; Rob Roy outlawed; John Bull becomes UK mascot; Duke of Hamilton killed in duel; Introduction of the Riot Act; Bonnie Prince Charlie claims throne; Battle of Culloden; Allan Breck and the Appin Murder; Jacobite treasure hunt on Loch Arkaig; Robert Burns’ sleaze scandal; First Fleet sails for Australia; Highland Clearances mastermind Patrick Sellar; Scott finds the Honours of Scotland; Bodysnatchers Burke and Hare; Death of Greyfriars Bobby; Phantom Piper of Duntrune; Tay Bridge Disaster.

Old the Front Page: Extended Edition is on sale now – ask for it in your local branch of Waterstones. Cover price is £10 but you can save 15% by buying via this website.

Publication details

Old the Front Page: Extended Edition
by Martin Kielty
Foreword by Robert Low
Published by Noisewave
Paperback, 108pp, colour cover
RRP £10.00
ISBN 978-1-4478-9315-8