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Published by Sennachie Press
An imprint of Noisewave

‘From the bloody snow of Glencoe to the blackened cellars
of Edinburgh Castle and from the Bass Rock to the
Battle of Killiecrankie, this is an epic tale of
treachery, heroism, ambition and betrayal.’
~ DOUGLAS JACKSON, Hero Of Rome series

‘Lechery, murder, rebellion and treachery – Simon Fraser of Lovat makes Flashman look like Noddy. Yet, somehow, Mr Kielty has contrived to make us love him too, while weaving a first-class story.’
~ ROBERT LOW, The Oathsworn series


The forces of the deposed King James prepare for battle with those of the new King William ~ which is of little consequence to an Aberdeen beggar who is about to be murdered for sport.

Saved by one Simon Fraser of Beaufort, who calls himself The Young MacShimi, the poor man is renamed Bolla after a Clan Fraser tradition… and finds himself dragged unwillingly into a world of war and intrigue.

Simon, seemingly a Jacobite, will stop at nothing to become MacShimi, the Fraser chief. As those above him begin to be removed from his path ~ and he sets himself at odds with one of the most powerful clans in Scotland ~ the endlessly ambitious character becomes known throughout the fledgling United Kingdom as The Fox.

Bolla can only bear witness and try to keep himself alive as his
master's dance of death and deceit leads Clan Fraser towards a dangerous, dramatic reckoning.

ISBN 978-1-326-10555-6

A novel blending historical fiction with action, adventure and murder-mystery, based on the real-life Simon ‘The Fox’ Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat and chief of Clan Fraser, who was executed for treason in 1747 after leading his people through decades of political and military turmoil.

While many of the scenes are purely fictional, most are based on the records and writings of The Fox himself ~ who, in the century after his death, inspired more than 200 books about his life.